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Stefaan Onghena

Curiculum vitae

1. Professional experience

Since 1989 working as an independent interior designer
(BTW 0588 756 247 / registration 06 22 10 / HRG:)

Main activity

Development of renovation projects and furniture / advice / energy scans / coordination / assessments / possible partial execution / coaching of do it yourself builders/…

In all design projects energy saving measures, ecological applications and recycling are central, always with the necessary attention for design.

(period: 1989 till 2010 about fifty projects, mainly private houses)

Side activity

Design and execution of eco design - furniture (among others laureate Forum D-sign competition Brussels 1992) / participation in (group) exhibitions


A latent fascination for the energy question led to an own vision on the current energy applications and energy use. This resulted in the development of an own ecological heating system with diverse applications (housing/industry). The commercialization of this system is expected in 2012.

2. Non-profit experience

Growing up in the eighties and nineties, a period characterized by a very royal consuming behaviour, it soon got clear to me this way of consuming could not be sustainable. Later this realization resulted among others in the foundation of the non-profit organization ECOFOLIE (2007), aiming for a sustainable society here and all over the world. This implicates among others the abolition of the current economic colonialism. In 2008 the world had to face the credit crisis. An energy crisis, food crisis and a crisis of raw materials will follow. Only through dealing economically and rationally with the consumption of raw materials, energy and food tensions and violent conflicts can be avoided. ECOFOLIE presents small-scale solutions and policy proposals. Apart from this we ask for the urgent founding of a supranational ecological structure that guards the balance between ecology and economy, with extra attention for a humane existence. Put differently: a strong extension of the United Nations with the necessary powers.

3. Education

Sint-Lucas School of Architecture (HAISL) Ghent - Belgium
Interior Design (1984-1989)

Other schooling:

first year of architecture (HAISL) (1986)

first year of sculpting KASK Ghent - Belgium (1990)